The Project overview:

Since I bought my first Alpa  some years ago , I realized how different is to work with this amazing tool and how great are its capabilities, for this reason I'll entirely use it for
this project. In the next phase of the Americana Project I'll focus my attention on the southwest territories trying to catch the spirit ,the essence and the greatness of this wonderful land . I'll looking for different views helped by my  prodigious Alpa and I  will use different techniques.
 If  you want to learn more about the use of an Alpacamera   and  work in different lighting and scenarios conditions with short and long exposure ,learn the use of nd and gnd filters we can arrange a 1 to 1 or small groups of students Masterclass , we can package them according your individual needs .
I'll start my journey from Los Angeles next April and we can meet along the way  or where you prefer and when and how long you need  till the end of April, only let me know and we can  arrange the masterclass. More info  :
mobile    :  +39 3481221467 

The Camera

I'll use the AlpaPano12 for this Project because it is a  very precise and large format capable tool.

Southwest the  second  phase of  my Americana

We will photograph California, Nevada, Utah,Arizona and New Mexico their cities and their  nature starting from Los Angeles the first days of April and coming bak at the end of the month, you can join me on the road of this amazing trip for some hours or a day of photographic adventure !